Irelen Syndrome warning signs

Reading behaviour

Does your child

  • avoid reading?
  • dislike reading?
  • prefer reading under dim lights?
  • have difficulty understanding what he is reading?

When reading out loud, does your child

  • read word by word, or even by parts of a word, if the word is a long one?
  • read slowly and with hesitation?
  • misread words, skip words or reread words and lines?
  • confuse letters that look similar?

While reading, does your child complain that

  • the print seems to more or even disappear?
  • the print is fuzzy or blurry?
  • the page seems too bright or glary?
  • he has headaches, sore or watery eyes

Body Language

Does your child

  • move around trying to find a comfortable position?
  • shade eyes to help eliminate glare?
  • move her head across the page as she reads?
  • use a finger to mark his place on the page?
  • vary his distance from page?
  • become sleepy while reading?
  • become restless and loose concentration?
  • have a short attention span and take frequent breaks?

Written work

Do you see

  • an inability to write on the line-writing uphill and downhill?
  • unequal spacing?
  • errors in copying?
  • inconsistent spelling of the same word?
  • misaligned numbers in columns?

Gross motor skills

Does your child show

  • poor co-ordination?
  • problems with balance?
  • difficulty catching a ball?
  • difficulty judging distances?
  • poor depth perception?
  • problems using escalators and stairs?

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The OTTAWA Citizen
Family: Parenting
Friday, Nov. 6, 1998
Victoria Crompton

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